Shazia Manzoor New Song “Turri Jandi” On Popularity Spree

Shazia Manzoor

Gamous singer Shazia Manzoor new song “Turri Jandi” started gaining popularity as soon as it was released from Coke Studio.  It reached the top rating on music channels and social media. It has become a trending song which has been greatly appreciated by the music fans of Pakistan, India and all over the world.

Singer Shazia Manzoor is being well liked by people, these days, she is getting good recognition in the world of social media and music, while the singer of Indian Punjab, Diljit Dosanjh, is also paying tribute to her by singing her songs around the world. Singer Shazia Manzoor says that he has received loving messages from fans from all over the world, all praising my new song. Like my previous songs, this Punjabi song will also rule the hearts of music lovers. I am trying my best to provide good music to the music lovers by giving the message of peace, love and peace to the world through voice. The performance has made a place in people’s hearts.

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