Shan Foods unveils new corporate identity amid growing global presence

Shan Foods corporate identity

Shan Foods, one of Pakistan’s longstanding food companies, has unveiled its brand new corporate identity under the name of Shan Shares. The culinary giant, which dominates the South Asian cuisine landscape in more than 70 countries worldwide, has been famous for its ‘Taste Happiness’ tagline since its inception from a single-room operation in 1981.

The company has remained actively involved in community efforts geared towards its amplifying its Corporate Social Value (CSV) since its early days. Through consistently impactful welfare work in different collaborations, Shan Foods tends to showcase itself as a peoples’ brand, dedicated to uplifting and empowering the underprivileged.

Speaking about the new corporate identity, Sammer Sultan, the co-chairperson of Shan Foods, said: “CSR has always been close to us and the company. We have seen many areas where in our farmer-to-consumer chain where we can create a positive impact through our resources and our influence” , hence, establishing the Shan Shares as yet another feather in the hat for the company.

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Shan Shares aims to showcase its CSR achievements and its allegiance to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It also acknowledges the onus of responsibility in community uplift that it carries being an authentic Pakistani brand, and symbolizes the company’s efforts in serving those in need across the nation in healthcare, education, environmental preservation, and so forth.

The latest and highly-anticipated venture vows to encourage ethical practices across the board within the company, and also aims to utilize its presence and resources across the country to foster meaningful partnerships and memberships that encourage sustainable manufacturing, women empowerment, environmental preservation, educational advocacy, healthcare assistance, and a number of other social causes.


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