SECP Cutting-Edge App for Surveillance and Data Analysis


Embracing innovation in stock market oversight, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has unveiled a homegrown application designed for in-depth stock market surveillance and data analysis. This groundbreaking development comes as the SECP takes a proactive stance on market monitoring, leveraging modern tools and systems for efficient analysis.

The SECP’s market surveillance team recently shared insights into the new application, emphasizing its capabilities in real-time alert generation. Additionally, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has procured a surveillance system from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, adding a layer of sophistication to the monitoring process.

During a media briefing on Tuesday, participants were enlightened about the SECP’s role in market surveillance, shedding light on various forms of market abuse, including insider trading and market manipulation. The presentation included real-life case studies to enhance understanding and awareness among stakeholders.

The participants were also acquainted with diverse triggers for detecting market abuses, ranging from system-based alerts to referrals and complaints. Key risk indicators, such as the index, liquidity, and broker exposure, were highlighted, providing a comprehensive view of the surveillance landscape.

In a move towards transparency and education, the SECP organized a financial reporting workshop, addressing factors impacting market performance and causing volatility. Notable figures, including Abdul Rehman Warraich, Commissioner Securities Market Division, and Musarat Jabeen, Executive Director and Chief Spokesperson of SECP, shared valuable insights on the regulatory framework and recent reforms aimed at fortifying capital and equity markets.

As the SECP continues its mission to bolster financial markets, participants were briefed on the intricacies of trading, clearing, and settlement functions within the PSX, National Clearing Company, and Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited. Moreover, the SECP officials presented the digital online account opening process and the Centralized Gateway Portal, streamlining investor interactions across asset classes.

Stay tuned for a more resilient and informed stock market experience, powered by SECP’s commitment to technological advancements and market integrity.

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