Pakistan’s construction industry adopting sustainable, modern construction materials, says IAP

construction industry

Keeping in mind the global trends and commitment to climate action, the construction industry of Pakistan is moving towards the adoption of modern and sustainable construction materials, according to an Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) official.

To showcase the construction sector’s potential and create awareness about these modern construction materials, such as value-added PVC products, the IAP recently organized three-day IAPEX 2024. The event attracted a strong footfall of architects, interior designers, students, experts, and industry players.

Mishaal Merchant, Chairman of IAP highlighted that the construction sector plays a pivotal role in the overall economic development of any country. According to a report by the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA), in 1QFY24, the sector contributed ~11.5% in industrial activities and around ~2.7% to the GDP. The destructive floods of 2022 and changing global trends have necessitated the local construction industry to embrace international standards and promote the use of sustainable materials.

Among the modern and cost-effective construction materials displayed at the event, downstream PVC products garnered a lot of interest from the visitors. ThinkPVC, a retail outlet owned and operated by Engro Polymer & Chemicals (EPCL), showcased downstream PVC products ranging from pipes and fittings to doors, windows, roofing, and wall panels, at the IAPEX.

Talking about the much-needed change to modernize Pakistan’s construction sector, Muhammad Idrees, Chief Commercial Officer at EPCL said, “Resolving the urban housing crisis demands a balanced approach — enhancing existing housing, while also embracing modern, sustainable materials for new construction. ThinkPVC offers innovative and cutting-edge solutions that not only surpass aesthetically but also offer cost-effectiveness, while meeting evolving climate demands. We work closely with architects and developers to ensure our products uphold our commitment to sustainability, thus elevating the construction landscape.”

He added that PVC is the material of choice by architects and developers across the world due to its longevity against the changing climate needs, as well as aesthetics and cost-effectiveness compared to other materials. ThinkPVC also unveiled Vero, a new and advanced range of kitchens and vanities, at the IAPEX with the aim to redefine the benchmarks of quality and craftsmanship in the Pakistani market. The superior quality Vero products will also encourage import substitution and development of the local market in line with global standards of excellence.

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