Pakistani IT Wizard Noman Ahmed Said Becomes Advisor At Arab ICT Organization

Noman Ahmed Said

In an illustrious move that reflects the expanding bridges of technological collaboration across regions, Dr. Noman Ahmed Said of Pakistan has been accorded the prestigious position of honorary advisor to the Arab Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Organization. This eminent body is a keystone regional forum, bringing together ICT ministers and preeminent leaders from both the public and private sectors across the Arab diaspora.

This accolade acknowledges Dr. Said’s unparalleled contributions and unwavering commitment to enhancing IT trade relations between Pakistan and Arab nations. His role was particularly highlighted during the celebrated GITEX Global event in Marrakech, Morocco, an epicenter for global IT discourse and innovation, where his involvement was pivotal to the event’s triumph and the advancement of technological partnerships.

Eng. Muhamed Ben Amor, Secretary of the Arab ICT Organization, in a letter brimming with appreciation, lauded Dr. Said’s significant impact. “Your profound expertise and insights not only shed light on cutting-edge technological advancements for our members but also elevated the event to a beacon of success. You nurtured an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange that has indelibly marked our collective journey towards technological prowess,” the correspondence detailed.

The communication further highlighted, “Your discerning guidance remains invaluable as we ardently pursue the zenith of technological innovation, bridging gaps and fostering unity across our regions.”

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Dr. Noman Ahmed Said, the visionary founder and CEO of SI Global Solutions, has carved a niche as a titan in the IT sector, his expertise spanning artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and digital marketing. A prolific author, his scholarly endeavors include profound analyses on human talent management and digital marketing paradigms. Beyond his technical prowess, Dr. Said is a fervent advocate for tech education proliferation and the empowerment of women in Pakistan, embodying the principles of philanthropy and sportsmanship.

Dr. Said stands out as the only Pakistani consultant with a distinctive expertise in crafting safe city solutions, both within and beyond the national confines of Pakistan. This unique specialization underscores his role as a global thought leader and pioneer in deploying state-of-the-art security and surveillance systems, further contributing to his distinguished portfolio and the wealth of experience he brings to the Arab ICT Organization.

The conferment of this role on Dr. Said not only honors his individual achievements but also signals a promising epoch of inventive collaboration and mutual progress between Pakistan and the Arab world, navigating the dynamic currents of the digital age.


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