Pakistan Embarks on Ambitious Satellite Launch Program

Pakistan Embarks

In a significant move, Pakistan Embarks officially on ambitious satellite launch program with approval to the National Space Program 2047, signaling a determined commitment to advancing the country’s space activities. Exclusive details obtained by ProPakistani reveal that Pakistan is gearing up to launch a series of communication, remote sensing, and navigation satellites in the coming years, aiming to accelerate socio-economic development and address national security needs.

The comprehensive space policy document emphasizes the importance of long-term commitment, continuous support, and policy directives from the government to ensure the sustainability of Pakistan’s Space Program. With an expected surge in space assets, the policy outlines measures for protecting, monitoring, and tracking these assets, with a focus on safeguarding them from space debris and ensuring national liability protection.

The National Space Policy is strategically designed to maximize the benefits of space technology and applications across various sectors of society, including civil, commercial, and national security aspects. It addresses contemporary issues related to national space needs, covering the development of laws, regulations, and mechanisms to regulate space activities.

Pakistan aims to harness space-based data, information, and services to support economic development and national security, focusing on applications in communication, remote sensing, navigation, and disaster management. The policy places a strong emphasis on achieving self-reliance in satellite design, manufacturing, and operation through accelerated research and development.

Human resource development is a crucial aspect, with plans to cultivate expertise in space science within the nation’s industrial, research, and academic institutions. The policy recognizes Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) as vital for economic growth, encouraging a vibrant space sector that promotes innovation and the indigenization of space technologies.

The National Space Agency is tasked with promoting the use of satellite services and applications, fostering collaboration with universities, research institutions, and public and private entities, and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. The development and promotion of a vibrant indigenous space industry are deemed essential for sustainable growth.

Public awareness initiatives are also part of the strategy to highlight the benefits of space technology and its applications. Pakistan aims to pursue cooperation and collaboration with the international community, seeking partnerships for the use of space technologies and sharing space-derived information. This ambitious National Space Program positions Pakistan as a key player in the global space arena.

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