National Foods Limited: Leading the Change in Education, Literacy, and Women Empowerment on International Day of Education

National Foods Limited

On International Day of Education celebrated across the world annually on 24th January 2024, National Foods Limited proudly reaffirms its steadfast commitment to transformative education, literacy, and women empowerment through two impactful projects rooted in its rich history and visionary leadership.

National Foods Limited celebrates a two-decade partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in the Aagahi Adult Literacy Program. Pioneered under the guidance of the late Mr. Abdul Majeed, Co-Founder of National Foods, and TCF Co-Founders, Mr. Ahsan Saleem and Mr. Ateed Riaz, this program has changed the lives of countless individuals. In January 2024, the partnership was strengthened through a strategic MoU signing, amplifying the program’s impact on communities across Pakistan.

This year, National Foods Limited proudly announced its commitment to support 250 learning centers, reinforcing the company’s dedication to community engagement and women’s empowerment. The Aagahi program stands as a beacon of hope, equipping women with foundational skills in math, reading, and writing, thereby creating a ripple effect that positively influences entire households.

Mr. Zahid Majeed, Chairperson at National Foods Limited, emphasized the program’s transformative impact, stating: “Aagahi is not just a literacy initiative; it’s a catalyst for change. We believe in empowering women with the tools they need to shape their lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities.”

The Aagahi Adult Literacy Program embodies National Foods Limited’s commitment to fostering lasting change, breaking barriers, and creating a more inclusive and literate society. Along with the Aagahi program, National Foods Limited continues its impactful journey in education with the School Khana Program in collaboration with Allah Walay Trust. By onboarding a government primary school in Jaranwala, Faisalabad, and sustaining the program in Bhattapind, Lahore, the company addresses the critical issue of child hunger in schools. Approximately 650 primary school children will receive nutritious meals, promoting better health, improved performance in classrooms, and increased retention rates.

National Foods Limited’s dedication to education, literacy, and community welfare highlights its commitment to strategic social responsibility. These initiatives represent the company’s holistic approach to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities across Pakistan.

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