Karachi Sacrificial Cattle Market 2024, preparations enter final stages Contract awarded for provision of services

Cattle Market 2024

Contracts for Asia’s Largest Temporary Cattle Market 2024 to be set up at Northern Bypass, including administration, have been issued. A total of 4 in VVIP, VIP, and General Blocks. A capacity of 5 lakh animals has been kept. A total of 25 blocks will be established on an area of 1000 acres.

Contracts for the Administration, Branding, Electricity Supply, Parking, Water Supply, Soft Drink, Mineral Water, Fodder, Water, and Ice contracts have been awarded. Janitorial service providers and suppliers of tents and canopies also got contracts for their services. The contractors allotted in the cattle market have started getting work orders.

The administrator contract for Cattle Market 2024 has been awarded to Muzaffar Hasan Khan of Hasan & Brothers. Umeer Syed for branding, water supply contract to H2O Company, electricity contract to Iqbal Amin, parking contract to Salim Gujjar, tent (canopy) contract to Adil contractor. Similarly soft drink mineral water contract. Iqbal Pathan fodder supply contract, Hanif Chakar, and other arrangements including ice supply, the names of the contractors have been announced.

Asia’s largest cattle market is set to open on the Northern Bypass and preparations have been started in full swing. The arrival of sacrificial animals has started in the cattle market.

Muzaffar Hasan Khan, an administrator of the cattle market, said that the process of paving the blocks to keep the animals in the cattle market has been started, while the ground has also been paved in several blocks of the market. We have started sanitation and other arrangements through heavy machinery tractor trolleys and garbage collection vehicles. Parking, and security arrangements are being made by installing big lights at various pools.

Poles are being installed and lights are being installed to illuminate the various blocks of the cattle market. Security checkpoints are being set up around the market for security. Maveshi Mandi 2024 Northern Bypass is taking better drainage measures than before keeping in mind the previous rains and floods. Ample parking will be provided for the convenience of the shoppers while temporary stalls will be set up within the market premises including a food court for the supply of basic goods. ATMs and temporary branches of major banks will also be set up this year like every year to provide financial services.

Ambulances will be available along with emergency medical assistance facilities for any emergency situation. Free supply of 30 liters of water per cattle along with free provision of land for construction of cattle sheds.

Sacrificial animals must be completely healthy and conform to Shariah requirements. To ensure this, all cattle must be inspected before entering the market, while a certificate from the Veterinary Department is also required to confirm the health of the cattle.

CCTV cameras will be installed to monitor the cattle market. Special facilities will also be ensured in the cattle market for traders. Provision will also be made for a continuous supply of water to the sacrificial animals.

Along with the police, Rangers personnel will also perform security duties in the cattle market. A team of veterinary doctors will be present along with medicines to provide immediate medical care to the sacrificed animals while additional personnel will also be deployed for security.

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