Ignite to Empower 25,000 Freelancers With Substantial Subsidies

Ignite Empower Freelancers

In a major move to bolster the freelance landscape in Pakistan, the Ignite National Technology Fund is gearing up to implement a groundbreaking subsidy model, operating under the co-working spaces project, is set to empower a whopping 25,000 freelancers across the country, making a substantial impact on the flourishing freelance ecosystem.

According to sources within the Ministry of Information Technology (IT), funding for the co-working spaces project will be derived from two primary sources. The Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) has already given the green light to Rs. 1 billion dedicated to establishing e-Rozgar centers nationwide. The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) will utilize this amount to set up 250 e-Rozgar centers, as part of the first phase of the project.

The second phase, spearheaded by Ignite, is on the verge of completion, focusing on the development of a tailor-made subsidy model benefiting 25,000 freelancers. Sources indicate that Ignite is now in the final stages of seeking board approval before releasing a request for proposals for the project.

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This groundbreaking endeavor is estimated to cost between 2.5 billion to 3 billion rupees, with Ignite allocating the budget to subsidize freelancers. The funds will ultimately be channeled to co-working space owners, empowering them to provide essential facilities for freelancers across the nation.

The Ministry of IT and Telecom is gearing up for the imminent launch of e-Rozgar centers, with the PSEB collaborating with established Software Technology Parks in 27 cities to expand the e-Rozgar network.

In a bid to further incentivize private building owners, the government is set to extend interest-free loans of up to 10 million rupees for the conversion of their buildings into e-Rozgar centers. This move is expected to play a crucial role in enhancing the infrastructure for freelancers and promoting the growth of the freelance sector in Pakistan.



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