Homegrown Walee Upends Media Giants


In a seismic shift for the Pakistan Super League (PSL), digital upstart Walee has dethroned international media giants, securing the streaming rights for the next two seasons. This victory goes beyond mere cricket – it raises crucial questions about the future of sports media, the power of hyperlocal content, and the trust equity of new-age content creators.

“Patriotic data-literate advertisers are the reason we are in a position to invest this magnitude,” said Ahsan Tahir, co-founder & CEO of Walee, the largest creator economy ecosystem in the MENAPT region. “They recognized that Walee is the only platform with the highest trust media touchpoints that attracts Gen Z and Gen Alpha customer segments. We’re a Pakistan-born content ecosystem, democratizing storytelling beyond pedigrees and empowering creators across social strata. Out of necessity, we provided creators with credit and intend to invest again in Pakistan to assist the entire spectrum of creators – digital or analog – mitigate issues faced due to the media supply chain.”

Co-founded in 2019 by Samina Seth and Ahsan Tahir, Walee tapped into the power of their vibrant creator ecosystem – a constellation of relatable gamers, tech-savvy bloggers, and streetwise vloggers whose voices resonate deeply with the young PSL audience. These aren’t just influencers; they’re trusted micro-communities embedded in the fabric of how Gen Z and Alpha consume content.

The Walee platform, which includes sentiment analysis and a machine vision tool that identifies visual variables for virality, boasts sophisticated data insights that are meticulously tailored to Gen Z’s viewing habits and preferences. This data goldmine offers brands a direct line to a demographic notoriously difficult to reach through traditional channels. It’s a marketing haven disguised as a cricket match.

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Furthermore, Walee’s Pakistani roots run deep. Local offices, a commitment to paying taxes, and strategic partnerships with universities and accelerators speak volumes about their long-term vision. This isn’t a fleeting victory; it’s a deliberate investment in Pakistan’s tech future.

So, while the traditional media world grapples with this unexpected turn of events, Walee stands poised to rewrite the game’s rules. They’ve cracked the code on engaging the most coveted demographic, all while contributing to their own nation’s economic and tech ecosystem. Mark my words; this is just the first inning.

Walee’s six has landed, and its impact echoes will reverberate beyond the boundaries of the cricket pitch, rewriting the future of sports media, one chai-powered byte at a time.


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