Government Crackdown on Non-PTA Phones

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Government crackdown on Non-PTA phones suggest Recent developments reveal a surge in the smuggling of mobile phones into Pakistan, with law enforcement agencies pinpointing a substantial number of such devices entering the country through routes like Dubai. This illicit trade has resulted in significant financial losses, amounting to billions of rupees.

The rise in mobile phone smuggling can be attributed to escalating import taxes and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. To combat this issue, the government of Pakistan has identified numerous individuals and establishments engaged in the unauthorized approval of these smuggled smartphones through methods like CPID (Consumer Product Identification) IMEI repair and patch approvals.

This announcement comes in the wake of a joint effort by the government and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to crack down on the practice. Notably, a comprehensive list of hundreds of smugglers and shops involved in the patching of smartphones through these illicit means has been compiled.

The PTA, in conjunction with law enforcement, will also be taking action against a well-known website,, that offers CPID approval services globally. This move signifies a concerted effort to curb the unauthorized approval of smartphones through such platforms.

Understanding CPID/Patch Approval and its Impact CPID approvals represent a prevalent method for obtaining unofficial PTA approvals at economical rates, facilitating the use of SIM cards on high-end phones. By unlocking the device’s original firmware without rooting it, this method alters the IMEI number through software connected to a remote paid server.

In simpler terms, this process substitutes the smartphone’s IMEI number, its unique 15-digit identifier, with that of a previously PTA-approved device. This deceptive practice allows a device like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to be registered as a Nokia 3310.

Patch approvals involve similar techniques, restricting the phone to a specific software patch and preventing users from updating their devices.

Anticipating Future Measures While this crackdown may not signal the absolute end of CPID or patch approvals in Pakistan, sources within the government suggest that the PTA will intensify its actions against The focus is on curbing illegal approvals of smuggled devices, and further measures are expected to be taken in the future to address this issue comprehensively. Stay tuned for updates as the government and the PTA continue their efforts to regulate smartphone approvals in Pakistan.

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