Ghandhara Tyre celebrated its 60th anniversary in Pakistan

Ghandhara Tyre

Ghandhara Tyre (GTR) recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, marking six decades of leadership and reliability with German-engineered technology perfectly tailored to the roads of Pakistan.

A grand event was organised in Lahore to commemorate this milestone, attended by more than 160 esteemed company dealers. The celebration was an acknowledgement of GTR’s journey and a tribute to the partnerships that have fueled its success. During the event, top dealers were honoured.

The event spotlighted GTR’s remarkable achievements over the past 60 years, which have firmly established the company as the top tyre manufacturer in the country. In collaboration with Continental Germany, GTR’s commitment to using German technology ensures adherence to international standards. All tyres undergo rigorous testing abroad, exemplifying the brand’s dedication to quality and reliability.

Hussain Kuli Khan, CEO of GTR, reflected on the company’s journey: “Today, GTR stands as the number one tyre manufacturer in Pakistan, serving all OEMs with our advanced technology, reliability, and commitment to safe and empowered driving in Pakistan. Our 60-year journey in Pakistan is a story of progress, vision, and unwavering commitment.”

He reminisced about the company’s beginnings in 1963 and its rapid growth: “Driven by a vision of excellence, we doubled our capacity within just nine years, laying the foundation of a legacy built on quality, trust, and the pursuit of perfection.”

Highlighting the significance of the inauguration of the new plant in 1985 by the President of Pakistan, Hussain Kuli Khan described it as a testament to the company’s growing impact and ambition.

With six decades of expertise in the Pakistani market and road infrastructure, GTR continues to set international standards in quality, reliability, and durability. Our latest range, meticulously crafted for Pakistani roads, embodies the precision of German engineering, ensuring safety and performance in every journey,” added Hussain.

GTR is also the pioneer in producing Pakistan’s first radial passenger car, tractor and motorcycle tubeless tyres.

As GTR celebrates this significant milestone, it renews its pledge to continue driving Pakistan forward, mile by mile, with a commitment that extends beyond tyres – empowering every journey across the nation.

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