Dewan Motors: Leading the Way in Electric Vehicle Charging

Dewan Motors

Dewan Motors Pvt. Ltd., the country’s authorized BMW importer, have teamed up to boost the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in Pakistan.

Dewan had launched the first Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Pakistan with BMW brand back in 2016. We have been striving to create awareness of advantages of semi electric and fully electric vehicles in Pakistan. We have the pride to launch the very first charging public station at Dolmen Mall in Clifton, Karachi. Which till date provides the BMW customers’ with free charging as they enjoy their shopping experience.

Dewan Motors’ dedication to expanding the EV charging network became evident with its ground breaking bid to install DC fast chargers at the renowned Bhera Stations along the M2 motorway, North route and South route. This development saw the installation of 120 KW DC chargers on both sides of the M2 motorway in 2022, significantly bolstering the viability of long-distance EV travel in Pakistan. This was done is collaboration with M/s AEPL.

Our aim has been to protect environment, ease charging anxiety and promote the Green Way to commuting tradition.

Now, Dewan Motors has embarked on a mission to establish a distinguished charging infra structure in partnership with corporate sector. Our aim is to establish private partnerships to enhance the charging network across Pakistan.

In this mission we have already signed a MoU with Hashoo Group, a traditionally established hospitality organisation with brand of 5-Star PC hotels and Hotel One, 30 hotels in total. Another MoU has been signed with M/s Hascol Petroleum, having a network of 649 fuelling stations across Pakistan.

Further we are taking on-board fast food chains with our very first charging station at Gloria Jeans in Faisalabad where two AC Chargers have already been commissioned.

We intend to make charging accessible at all prime destinations across Pakistan targeting tourist resorts and leisure clubs. We have already commissioned chargers at PNS Karsaz Golf Club, Karachi and look forward to add more in very near future.

In the year 2024, the company has ambitious plans to deploy an additional 500 AC Wallbox chargers Nationwide. Looking ahead, Dewan Motors has outlined an ambitious plan to install an additional 10 DC chargers at highways’ gas stations in the coming year, further solidifying its dedication to expanding the DC Fast EV charging infrastructure and propelling mass-level EV adoption across Pakistan.

Dewan Motors is committed to make Electric Vehicles the preferred choice of all fellow citizens. Together we can save the environment for our future generations and support the economy with reducing burden of petroleum imports.

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