Dawood Hercules Corporation and Engro Corporation Approve Restructuring Plan to Enhance Investment Opportunities

Engro growth

The Boards of Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp) and Engro Corporation Limited (Engro Corp) have, in principle, approved a proposal to restructure the shareholding between the two companies, aiming to enhance investment opportunities of the enterprise. The restructuring proposal is subject to final Board and shareholder approvals.

The proposed restructuring would enhance investment opportunities by harmonizing the investment efforts of both companies. Dawood Hercules Corporation is a capital allocation firm that has experience in deploying funds to a broad range of sectors and assets, while Engro Corp has a successful track record of developing and managing large-scale industrial projects in 5 business verticals. Both companies have clear investment strategies and have delivered healthy returns to shareholders; however, a testing external environment necessitates a wider and more agile investing approach at a time when large-scale investments are challenging to make.

The proposed restructuring aims to enable such an approach. Following a two-step process, it would result in DH Corp being rebranded as Engro Holdings Limited, and Engro Corp becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Holdings. As a part of this process, Engro Corp’s minority shareholders would become shareholders of Engro Holdings in a ratio that preserves their economic ownership of Engro Corp. This exercise would synergise investment efforts at the Engro Holdings level, enabling capital from Engro’s businesses to be efficiently deployed to a wider set of opportunities, which is advantageous to shareholders of both companies. Engro Holdings’ [DH Corp’s] current shareholders would benefit from frictionless capital movement between the two entities and Engro Corp’s current shareholders would benefit from a wider investment mandate, as well from as Engro Holdings’ investment expertise.

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This revitalised approach incorporates consistent feedback received over the years from minority shareholders to have a more flexible investment strategy in a wider range of sectors to improve returns. This feedback has been instrumental in crafting a structural solution to their requirements. Through this restructuring, cashflows from Engro Corp’s underlying companies would find wider areas for investment by Engro Holdings, while agility and efficiencies will also perpetuate. Furthermore, Engro Holdings’ shareholders would continue to earn returns coming from Engro Corp, and also earn from other investments made by Engro Holdings.

According to Chairman Hussain Dawood, “This restructuring is an extension of our unwavering commitment to progress, and is aligned with the interests of all shareholders, employees, and communities connected to Engro. By widening our investment horizon, Engro will be further enabled in partnering with Pakistan to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time.”


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