10Pearls Launches 10Pearls Studio, Fully Integrated Digital Marketing Capabilities


10Pearls announced the launch of 10Pearls Studio, a significant expansion of our digital and creative capabilities. Employing a “one brand, one team” strategy, this initiative seamlessly consolidates our digital media acquisitions into a unified, full-service digital powerhouse.

The studio brings together our existing digital capabilities and past digital marketing acquisitions, such as Likeable, an acclaimed social media agency based in New York City, and Pixel506, a digital services agency based in Costa Rica. It offers brands a one-stop solution for comprehensive digital marketing services spanning creative services, branding, social media management, digital advertising, digital engineering & AI.

“We have created a compelling value proposition for our customers. With the combination of world-class digital marketing services fully integrated with cutting-edge technology and AI capabilities under a unified team, we are positioned to help our customers through the entire gamut of digital.” Imran Aftab, CEO,10Pearls

10Pearls Studios will be led by Carrie Kerpen, co-founder and former CEO of Likeable. An industry veteran, Carrie will oversee the growth and management of the business globally.

Studio allows us to balance the use of emerging technology with a deep understanding of human behavior, one which has been rooted in the team for decades. Adding global reach to the equation makes this division unstoppable.” Carrie Kerpen, Managing Director, 10Pearls Studio 

The launch of 10Pearls Studio marks a transformative leap towards a unified global agency approach. The seamless integration of creative, marketing, digital, and AI services amplifies our digital marketing capabilities and positions 10Pearls Studio as a dynamic and influential force at the forefront of digital innovation.

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